We are Greg and Marsha Locke.

We've been camping since 1992, starting out in a tent. Our first recreational vehicle was a popup folding tent trailer. It was light enough to tow behind our Pontiac Transport mini van and we used it for nearly eight years. However, setting it up or taking it down in the rain was kind of a drag, but still worth it.

Due to health issues, I lost my lower left leg. After amputation and a prosthetic  fitting, I was ready to try camping again. We joined my parents on a trip, and at the end, my dad said "You should get something with a key in it and easy setup.."

Movin' on up.

We went with a Canadian made Kodiak VXL2000 class B+ (really a small class C) motorhome. The price was good and we traded in our Infinity towards it. We took several weekend trips in it. Great mileage, nearly 13 mpg when towing our Saturn behind it. Unfirtunately, it had major 12v electrical issues and after replacing the  TV three times, it was finally fixed. After a two week photo outing through Oregon and Washington, Marsha said "We need something bigger." Also we had learned that it didn't meet California emissions standards. The vendor took it back.

Bigger is not always better.

We ended up purchasing a 2003 Safari Trek 31ft class A motorhome. A single kitchen slide-out added additional space. A queen size bed dropped down from the ceiling. We had multiple two week trips with it. Got great mileage (NO), nearly 8mpg. Marsha refused to drive it because of it's size. However, it did tow our Honda Element quite nicely. Due to work constraints and lack of use, we finally sold it.

The fourth time is the charm.

After retiring, I spent a year watching daytime television-yuk! I started watching YouTube camping and RV videos and decided to give rving another shot. Something smaller, and easier to handle that Marsha could drive. Something with BETTER MILEAGE!

We bought a Leisure Travel Vans class B+ (really a C) motorhome. We chose the Unity FX model. Wait time for new was 10 months, so we started looking for a clean used one and found it in Vermont, flew back there and drove it home. Several rallies with clubs later, we are now planning  an Alaska caravan trip.